Hurly-Burly n°4


The international Lacanian Journal of Psychoanalysis
Revue en anglais. Deux numéros par an.

Roger Litten

Event-The WAP Congress
Anne Lysy, “Gotta Go For It! ”
Patricia Bosquin Caroz, “An a-Moureuse”

Event-The NLS Congress
Pierre-Gilles Guéguen, “Introduction to the Eighth NLS Congress, Daughter, Mother and Woman in the Twenty-First Century, Geneva 2010”
Leonardo Gorostiza, “From the Instant of the Fantasy to the Desire of the Psychoanalyst”

The Couch
ECF Study Days November 2009: Papers from the AS and former AS
Alain Merlet, “Another Effort to Become a Psychoanalyst”
Philippe Stasse, “From Crying to Laughing, and What Next?”
Marie-Hélène Roch, “The Stumbling Sleepwalker, Labouring On”
Antoni Vicens, “To Worse”
Massimo Termini, “The Passage of Images”
Véronique Mariage, “Only A Fool Would Leave it”
François Leguil, “The Paradoxical Seductions of a Bildungsroman”
Céline Menghi, “Life is Like a Lady One Has to Let Live”
Pierre Naveau, “I Want to be Read”
Jacqueline Dhéret, “The Jouissance of the Speaking Analysand”
Bernard Seynhaeve, “A Pass in Three Phases”
Rose-Paule Vinciguerra, “Authorising Oneself, But Twice Over”
Patrick Monribot, “The Lasting Desire to Last”
Laure Naveau, “Médusée”
Monique Kusnierek, “Going Back to my Analyst”
Dominique Laurent, “To Dream Beyond the Worst“
Marie-Hélène Brousse, “Fury”

Florencia F.C. Shanahan, “Normally Mad, Diseases of Mentality, Ordinary Psychosis”
Armelle Gaydon, “Celebrities and the Anonymous Tell the Story of their First Psychoanalytic Session”

Jean-Luc Monnier, “On Geneviève Asse”
Ruth Ronen, “Dying of Shame, Consumed by Anxiety”
Jacques Aubert, “Passed Over Stories”
Sophie Marret, “Reading Joyce”

Hypermodern Times
Jacques-Alain Miller, “Financial Crisis”
Graciela Brodsky, “Contemporary Utopias”
Jean-Luc Monnier, “Shame, An Old-Fashioned Affect?”
Eric Laurent, “New Erotics of the Divine”