Hurly-Burly n° 5

HB 5

The international Lacanian Journal of Psychoanalysis
Revue en anglais. Deux numéros par an.

Event/Horizon – London 2011
Jacques Lacan, ‘Report on Seminar XI’
Anne Lysy, ‘How Psychoanalysis Works; Argument for the Ninth Congress of the New Lacanian School’
Jacques-Alain Miller, ‘We are Haphazardly Driven From Pillar to Post’
Jacques-Alain Miller, The Unconscious and the Sinthome’
Adrian Price, ‘From Repetition to the Drive’
Graciela Brodsky, ‘Sexual Reality’
Agnès Aflalo, ‘The Analytic Act, Eight Remarks’

 Event/Anchor – Paris, Geneva 2010
Geert Hoornaert, ‘Womanliness: Diffamation, Fantasy, Semblance’
Claudia Iddan, ‘Like Grains of Wheat…’
Russell Grigg, ‘Semblants and the Phallus’

The Couch
Anne Lysy, ‘Wanting to See Clearly and Murkily Enjoying’
Sonia Chiriaco, ‘An Interplay of Opposing Forces’
Susanne Hommel, ‘An Encounter with the Real’
Ioanna Verigaki, ‘A Heroine with no Family’

The letter! The litter! And the soother the bitther!
Victoria Woollard, ‘Through A Glass, Darkly’
Francesca Biagi-Chai, ‘Interview on Serial Killers: Psychiatry, Criminology and Responsibility’

Hypermodern Times
Jacques-Alain Miller, ‘Four Interviews from the French Popular Press’
Mark Cousins, ‘Technology and Prosthesis’
Éric Laurent, ‘The Symbolic Order in the Twenty-First Century’