Hurly-Burly n° 2


The international Lacanian Journal of Psychoanalysis
Revue en anglais. Trois numéros par an.

Anne Lysy-Stevens, “How Analysis Operates”

Jo Attié, “An Attenuating Circumstance”
Dominique Laurent, “The Queens of Semblants and the Empire of the Media”
Ofelia Lopez, “Caravaggio and The Sinthome: Portrait of the Artist as a Gorgoneion”
Dominique Laurent, “Woman”

Alexandre Stevens, “Lacanian Interpretation”
Jacques-Alain Miller, “The Hurtful Word”
Éric Laurent, “A Fundamental Point of Departure”
“Daughter, Mother, Woman in the Twenty-First Century”, Argument for the NLS Congress in Geneva, 26-27 June 2010

The Couch
Jacques-Alain Miller, “When The Cure Stops and When It Does Not Stop”
Marie-Hélène Brousse, “A Stop, An End, or a Denouement?”
Éric Laurent,  “The Pass… or to Finesse Against the Subject Supposed to Know”
Bernard Seynhaeve, “An Act of Saying That Holds Up In and Of Itself”

Neus Carbonell, “When the Cure Stops… Where It Could Have Begun”
Victoria Woollard, “Interpretation and Truth”
Patrick Montribot, “Subtraction”
Luc Vander Vennet, “Interpreting the Silence”
Epaminondas Theodoridis, “’Homosexual’: A Delusional Identity”
Gil Caroz, “The Trace of the Mother Tongue”
Mikaïl Strakhov, “Where is the Enigma?”

Sarah Gould, “Sam Francis – Making Colour Matter”
Vincente Palomera, “When Freud’s Cures Stopped, The Rat Man, ‘Wishing One’s Life Away’”
Jean-Pierre Klotz, “On Some Ways to ‘Stop and Go’ with Analytic Treatment”
Jacques-Alain Miller, “The Warsaw Lecture”
Pawe Dybel, “Truth in Psychoanalysis”
Reginald Blanchet, “Simone Weil: Writing Disbeing”
Adrian Price, “On Lacan’s Remarks on Chinese Poetry in Seminar XXIV”

Hypermodern Times
Jean-Claude Maleval, “Why is the Depression Bubble Bursting?”
Jean-Luc Monnier, “Chemical Alert!”

Jeanne Joucla, “The Cinema is a Truth Machine”
Nathalie Georges-Lambrichs, “Mr K, Sequel”

In Memoriam
Pierre-Gilles Guéguen, ”Thelma Sowley”
Anne Lecroart, “The Love of Words”