Hurly-Burly n° 1

hurly 1

The international Lacanian Journal of Psychoanalysis
Revue en anglais. Deux numéros par an.


Pierre-Gilles Guéguen, “Psychoanalysis in Times of Noise and Turmoil”

Denis Noble, “The Music of Life: What Perspectives Can the Biology of the 21st Century Open on Sexuality?”
Clotilde Leguil, “Commentary on Denis Noble’s Paper”
François Regnault, “Descartes’ Dualism and the Union of the Mind and the Body”
François Leguil, “Lacan and the Safeguarding of Certainties”
Dominique Laurent, “How to Put an End to the Depressive Standard”

Alexandre Stevens, “Lacanian Interpretation”
Jean-Louis Gault, “Interpretation Beyond the Pleasure Principle”
Anne Lysy-Stevens, “Unconscious and Interpretation”
Jacques-Alain Miller, “Semblants and Sinthomes: Presentation of the Theme of the VIIth Congress of the WAP”

The Couch
Miquel Bassols, “The Wager of the Pass”
Antoni Vicens, “The Banality of the Primal Scene”
Bernard Seynhaeve, “A Letter Always Arrives at Its Destination”
Esthela Solano-Suarez, “The Remains of the Letter”

Marie-Hélène Brousse, “The Work of Art in the Age of The Demise of the Beautiful: From Object to Abject”
Josefina Ayerza, “Cy Twombly”
Éric Laurent, “Interview : Butler and Gender”
Sophie Marret-Maleval, “4:48 Psychosis: The Gaze of Cockroaches”

Nassia Linardou-Blanchet, “Sexuality Between Semblant and Real”
Claudia Iddan, “What is Interpretation a Consequence of?”

Hypermodern Times
Richard Gombrich, “Why Has British Education Gone So Wrong, and Why Can’t We Stop the Rot? Popper’s Nightmare”
Michael Power, “Performance and the Logic of the Audit Trail”
Robert Snell, “Some Thoughts on the ‘Audit Culture’ and How to Survive It”
Jacques-Alain Miller, “Closing Remarks at the Rally of the Impossible Professions, Against the False Promises of Security, London 20 Sept 2008”
Roger Litten, “The Logic of Audit – Some Remarks on the Logic of the ‘Audit Explosion’”
Véronique Voruz, “Security is the New Freedom”
Corentin Ségalen, “Tough on Crime, Tough on the Causes of Crime: The New Labor Party and the Conflict Against Criminality From 1997 to 2007”

Marco Focchi, “Well-Being or Jouissance ?”
Russel Grigg,”When Things Fall Apart: an Extraordinary Person’s Fight With Her Internal Anarchy”