Hurly-Burly n° 8


The international Lacanian Journal of Psychoanalysis
Revue en anglais. Deux numéros par an.

Editorial Adrian Price

Event/Anchor – Tel Aviv 2012
• Dominique Holvoet The Pleasure of the Symptom
• Anne Béraud  The Only Daughter
• Marco Mauas The Equivocation of Zero
• Ruzanna Hakobyan The Music of Words
• Samuel Nemirovsky “I Want You to Consider Me as  a Reader of the Second Kind”
• Renato Seidl The Circuitry of the Drive
• Leonardo Gorostiza After, In Reverse

The Couch
• Araceli Fuentes A Grief Written in the Body
• Pilar Gonzáles Woman’s Speech
• Luis Tudanca From the Repetition of a Destiny to a New Signifier
• Paola Bolgiani A New Love
• Hélène Bonnaud Tearing Away the Real
• Ana Lydia Santiago Coup de foudre
• Maria Laura Tkach Artenga!
• Graciela Brodsky The Denouement

Studies – The Malicious Other
• Guy Briole Kraepelin, the Fragility of a Colossal Oeuvre
• Philippe de Georges The Meaning of Kretschmer
• Jean-Pierre Deffieux Reasoning Madmen: On the Oeuvre of Sérieux & Capgras
• Carole Dewambrechies Clérambault, an Anatomy of Passions
• Philippe La Sagna Séglas and the System of the Malicious Other

Event/Horizon – Athens 2013
• Éric Laurent Psychosis, or Radical Belief in the Symptom
• Jacques-Alain Miller Psychotic Invention
• Jacques Lacan Address on Child Psychoses

Hypermodern Times
• François Leguil The Contumax Child
• Paz Corona Robert Wilson’s School for Autists
• Jacques-Alain Miller Four Press Articles on Leadership in Contemporary Politics